About Us

The SocialAI Research Team draws from talents and experiences across multiple GTRI Labs.

Erica Briscoe
Research Scientist
GTRI Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory

Dr. Erica Briscoe is a Research Scientist at Georgia Tech Research Institute. Her research interests include the computational modeling of behavioral processes for individuals and groups, visual and machine perception, human concept formation and categorization, and the analysis of information processes within social media. At GTRI, she performs research related to the adversarial behavior of individuals and groups involved in asymmetric warfare, terrorist radicalization, technology adoption, and the use of social media.

Dr. Briscoe received a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, an MS degree in Information Systems from Drexel University, and an MS and PhD from Rutgers University in Cognitive Psychology.

Clayton 'CJ' Hutto
Research Scientist
GTRI Electronic Systems Laboratory

C.J. Hutto is a Research Scientist working in the Human Systems Integration (HSI) Division at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). He has a B.S. in Human Factors, a M.S. in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Human Centered Computing (HCC) from the Georgia Institute of Technology. C.J.'s current fields of interest travel along two dimensions: The first is related to applications of Human Systems Integration (HSI) to analyze, design/develop, and test/evaluate the human-related systems engineering elements of systems undergoing DoD acquisition. Of special interest is modeling human performance in complex socio-technical systems (e.g., aircraft flight deck/cockpit, mission operations center, ship's bridge, etc.). The second dimension is related to developing agent-based models to simulate and predict human behavior within complex social systems (e.g., socio-cognitive networks), and analyzing human social, cognitive, and cultural behavior.

Scott Appling
Computational Social Scientist

Scott Appling is Computational Social Scientist in ATAS and a member of the Behavioral Modeling and Computational Social Sciences Group at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. His broad research interests are in the fields of computational social science, data science, intelligent systems, and narrative intelligence. Some of his current work includes: the profiling of individuals and groups by combining social science theories, statistical natural language processing and applied machine learning; persuasive language generation for social influence bots. In the fields of disaster response/emergency management he has built information classification models that work in real-time to recognize specific kinds of disaster-related information using social computing and related data; this work is incoporated in the SocialAI Analytics Framework and Dashboard. He holds both Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Computer Science with a focus on Intelligent Systems and Natural Language Understanding from Georgia Tech's College of Computing.

Jason Poovey
Research Scientist
GTRI Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory

Jason Poovey is a Research Scientist in the Innovative Computing Division of the Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory at Georgia Tech Research Institute. He is also a PhD candidate studying at Georgia Tech's College of Computing under Dr. Thomas Conte. His research interests include understanding the microarchitecture challenges presented by the irregular big data applications and developing new architectures designed specifically for large data-irregular applications. Jason received his Masters in Computer Engineering in 2009 from North Carolina State University and his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering in 2007 also from NC State.

W. Darryl Wright
Research Engineer
GTRI Advanced Concepts Labratory
Darryl Wright is a Research Engineer in the Advanced Concepts Labratory at Georgia Tech Research Institute. His research interests include data visualization and human interaction with computers (specifically, mobile and wearable technology). Darryl currently works to develop applications for mobile devices, Google Glass, and the web. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University and worked many years in private industry prior to his position at GTRI.